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SDI Plastics specialise in plastic injection moulding for electric and electronic components. Our team use the latest injection moulding tools to provide our customers peace of mind when it comes to creating their products as efficiently and effectively as possible. Being in the plastic injection moulding business since 1993, SDI Plastics have the expertise and the reputation to get your products fulfilled. 

Electronic devices of every kind are integrated into our daily lives. Their functions vary but they all depend on packaging and enclosure solutions that are lightweight, durable, convenient to use and with designs that can be quickly transitioned from prototypes to volume production in response to rapidly changing market conditions.

SDI Plastics provide plastic injection services for an array of electric & electronic components. Some of the electrical products that we currently produce are electrical housings, timers, electrical machinery, and various electrical components and controls. 

plastic injection moulding for electric and electronic components

Numerous kinds of test equipment, lighting, sensors are important in electrical field. Manufacturing these parts correctly is integral in providing our customers with safe and accurate parts that are high performing. Electrical devices are needed for long term uses and quality is key. SDI Plastics provide this. Plastic is an ideal material for use in electronics because it can be either conductive or non-conductive plastic resin. When combined with watertight seals can be UV resistant with the ability to be used in flexible or rigid applications.

SDI Plastics provide companies an easy and seamless process for them to get their current designs quickly into production. Focusing on manufacturing our products domestically within Australia or in Malaysia, gives us an advantage when it comes to fulfilling and delivering orders.

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