Case Study #1

Staircase manufacturer

Working with a high profile corporate office building in Brisbane CBD to manufacture a major feature of the building. Their ask was to design and manufacture plastic injection moulded products, with minimal cost impact and deliver the product in Brisbane before heavy penalties were imposed by the clients customer.

SDI Plastics took on this challenge.

Business challenge

  • Design and produce a plastic product to overcome occupational health and safety problem set by major corporate
  • The client needed to produce a mould and deliver the product in 5 working days (tooling normally takes a minimum of 6 weeks)
  • Satisfy OHS with their product
  • Required to build a product that is not going to affect the stair case appeal and star quality ‘look’

How we helped

  • Our team identified the problem, gathered relevant information for the requirement
  • Understood the products key features and performance
  • Planned tooling & production schedule to meet deadline. Can we do it?

The value delivered

  • Completed the mould in 72 hours and plastic injection moulding production within 24 hours
  • Accepted the challenge and solved the customer dilemma, delivering within the specified timeframe
  • Saved the customer thousands of dollar in heavy fines
  • Salvaged the customer’s reputation

Let’s work together

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