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Product design & innovation

To begin your journey, our team will deep dive into the product design discovery phase. This involves having an understanding of your brief, detailed product requirements as well as the needs of your customers and partners.

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SDI Plastics provide a large variety of prototyping methods, by taking your CAD or manual design and producing a 3D printed prototype. Working closely with our industrial designers and engineers, there are a number of factors considered when determining the type of prototyping method used. Consideration is given to the type of product, material, complexity, functionality and design of the product. Our team at SDI Plastics will recommend the best method for prototyping your product.

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SDI Plastics have the equipment, knowledge, skills and the experience with both onshore and offshore toolmaking to help you create world class tools for plastic injection moulding.  With over 150 years of combined experience, our team of mechanical engineers create the ‘art of the possible’ and design tools made of the highest quality and material, and that are of an unparralleled standard. 

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Dedicated to quality

Every project is unique and requires a certain level of outside the box thinking and ingenuity to get the job done. In doing so our clients all receive a level of personalised service unmatched in our industry.

Kulbir Dhanda, Director – SDI Plastics

Plastic injection moulding

At the heart of our business, SDI Plastics have a renowned history in plastic injection moulding. Our business specialises in the manufacturing of high volume quality plastic parts and products, across many industries. Plastic injection moulding is by far the most popular method for producing mass manufactured plastic products.

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SDI Plastics offers the complete solution for plastic injection moulding all under one roof from initial concepts, product design and innovation, prototyping, toolmaking, through to the manufacturing of the final product. Our multiple facilities located in Brisbane, Malaysia and China provide the state of the art product design, toolmaking and injection moulding services catered for your needs. 

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SDI Plastics can help support businesses that are seeking to produce their products onshore, offering a risk proof supply chain through reshoring manufacturing services back to Australia.

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Quality assurance

SDI Plastics pride ourselves on producing quality products and are committed to delivering products of a high standard to all of our customers.  Our plastic injection moulding and toolmaking facility is quality assured with the Quality Management System ISO 9001.

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