Plastic injection moulding Australia

At the heart of our business, SDI Plastics are plastic injection moulding suppliers in Brisbane, with a renowned history in plastic injection moulding.

Our business specialises in the manufacturing of high volume quality plastic parts and products, across many industries. Plastic injection moulding is by far the most popular method for producing mass-manufactured plastic products. With over 150 years of combined experience, our attention to detail is unparalleled within our industry and our team take pride in every single product, delivering high quality products, above and beyond our client expectations.

The process involved in plastic injection moulding to deliver the end product

Plastic injection moulding is by far the most common way to produce large volumes of finished plastic parts for every kind of commercial and industrial use. Thermoplastics make up the bulk of materials used in plastic injection moulding. Thermoplastics, as opposed to thermoset plastics, can be remelted back into a liquid form, which means that they can be easily recycled. SDI Plastics have a strong focus on sustainability and are an advocate for plastic recycling.  During the plastic manufacturing process, any wastage when using thermoplastics is recycled and reused for future production.

The injection moulding phase is the final part of the manufacturing process in delivering your finished product. Our plastic injection moulding Brisbane site has all the necessary equipment to deliver on time, and our manufacturing sites are based onshore, locally as well as offshore in Malaysia with a key focus on Australian manufacturing. Our Australian manufacturing can produce parts up to 1.4 kg. When required, our overseas operation is capable of cost effective assembly and sub-assembly of components and production weights of components greater than 1.4kg.  Mass production items are also delivered to you faster and can be dispatched worldwide from any location. 

SDI Plastics is committed to continuous improvement through innovation. Investing in new plastic injection moulding machinery to keep up with the ever changing technology within our industry enables us to become even more efficient with our manufacturing.  SDI Plastics can assure you of the highest quality when producing plastic products, being ISO 9001 certified. Furthermore, our team work very closely with our clients and partners, encouraging our customers to join us on the journey from the initial discovery phase, concept creation through to the delivery of the final product.

At SDI Plastics, let’s work together to manufacture and launch your product!

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