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The world of sports is highly competitive in every regard. For athletes to have the best equipment is an important requirement when they are training. Some of the most intense sports disciplines in the world use plastic elements to help players cover and protect sensible parts of their bodies. 

The athletes in disciplines such as American football, basketball, hockey, and soccer need the type of protection that only a solid plastic injection moulding manufacturer can provide. If you happen to be in the business of selling sporting goods or have a good idea for new piece equipment, you probably want it to succeed.


Sporting goods and athletic gear are a great fit for injection moulded parts because of their high strength to low weight ratio. Whether it is the enclosure case for a hand held device, in mould decorating the control panel of a treadmill, or injection moulding the base plate of a snowboard binding, SDI Plastics has the solution for your sports application. Our team have worked on many inventions and have designed exceptional injection moulded components to serve the sporting industry.

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