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SDI Plastics have the prowess in designing and manufacturing injection moulded components for mission critical defence applications. Our manufacturing services offer injection moulding, insert moulding, over moulding, and micro moulding services to produce plastic components that best suit varying applications of the industry. Our competence in micro moulding allows us to produce a wide range of precise micro-featured plastic parts. These micro components help in manufacturing defence parts and devices that are light weight and small in size.

Our designers work in close association with our engineers. This helps ensure that the end product will meet perfect specifications and accurate measurements. For production, SDI Plastics have well equipped manufacturing facilities with a wide range of advanced electrical and hydraulic injection moulding presses. These presses are integrated with several cutting-edge features, including gate cut sequence and runner-less injection compression systems. These help us to create intricate parts according to customers’ design specifications.


Our team hold immense knowledge about several types of resins like PEEK, ULTEM, Vectra, ZENITE and other thermoplastic resins. This allows us to handle them safely without deforming the work pieces and with minimal material wastage. Since we use high performing resins, defence injection moulded plastic components withstand extreme conditions consisting of heat and chemicals.

SDI Plastics have successfully moulded micro parts with intricate details and outstanding functional characteristics for various applications. Our team can achieve this by paying close attention to customers’ designs and specifications. 

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