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In today’s world, packaging for products has become almost as important as the product itself. The product as well as the packaging is what might catch the consumer’s eye and entice them to purchase it. That is why SDI Plastics have fine tuned and customised the packaging process so that all of our customers receive products ready to hit the shelves. 

consumer packaging

SDI Plastics offer bespoke packaging and fulfilment options that suit the requirements of each of our clients. The entirety of every production is customised, stored and packaged on site either locally in Brisbane, or in Malaysia. Depending on your needs, our team have the flexibility to ship directly from our production plants to Australia as well as ship internationally.

Contact us to see how our team can handle all of your manufacturing needs, including delivering your finished products to your customers quickly and efficiently. SDI Plastics exceeds expectations, let us help you exceed yours.

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