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Start ups & investors

For startup businesses and inventors looking to break into the market with a new product, injection moulding can play a major role in getting up and running. This may run counter to what you’ve heard, since the myth persists that plastic injection moulding for startups is out of reach due to the smaller size of the business. 

In actuality, choosing the right plastic injection moulding partner can give you access to the same processes and capabilities that higher volume and more established businesses use, streamlining and speeding your time to market.

Start ups & investors

SDI Plastics offer product design and innovation, prototyping and toolmaking services with a wide range of production capabilities for plastic injection moulding. Specialising in short and medium and large volume jobs, including prototypes, SDI Plastics have worked with many startup companies to help them get access to the production of quality prototypes that fit their requirements. 

Being a start up ourselves and working with many entrepreneurs, our team draw on our experiences with new businesses to provide the best advice and service possible. Our greatest enjoyment is working with our customers on new ideas and inventions, and bringing their vision into reality.

Contact us today to receive more information about our start up and inventor injection moulding services. SDI Plastics exceeds expectations, let us help you exceed yours.

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