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You might notice how many different tools and products you use as part of your every day to complete your daily tasks. Now, if you look closer, you might notice how many of those products are made from plastic. At SDI Plastics, our team specialise in plastic injection moulding in the consumer goods industry.

With most traditional materials, such as wood, glass, and metal, being replaced with high quality, sustainable plastics, the consumer product manufacturer industry, now more than ever, requires the use of multi-component, co-injection and structural injection moulding processes.


SDI Plastics engineers, produces and ships plastic injection moulded consumer goods. Our engineering capabilities include product design and innovation, mould design, prototyping and machine designing. All the plastic injection moulding produced at SDI Plastics conforms to ISO 9001 requirements. This together with our work ethic ensures that our products are of the highest quality. Furthermore, we provide manual and automatic manufacturing as well as ultrasonic welding and custom packaging. Consumer goods we focus on are personal hygiene, housewares, food service products, cosmetic goods, convenience goods and travel accessories.

SDI Plastics aim to help businesses create beautifully made consumer goods for their customers. Giving our client’s the ability to create a highly engineered product that can be created at mass quantities with sustainability and functionality in mind. At SDI Plastics, our team strive for the best quality, including seamless decision and parts made with precision.

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