Our promise

For our customers

For our customers

Dedicated and client focused
Product responsibility

SDI Plastics focus on ensuring that our team deliver on our promise for our customers. Product responsibility and customer care are of paramount importance throughout the entire lifecycle of the manufacturing process. These include providing fuel efficient manufacturing equipment and innovative technologies during the production process through to safety practices. At the same time, SDI Plastics also ensure our production plant adopt eco-friendly and sustainable practices to help protect the environment and to conserve resources. SDI Plastics ensure the products that our team deliver are fully operational and functional as required, they are safe to use and meet the ISO 9001 quality standards, as well as meet our brand reputation.


SDI Plastics have a strong commitment to investing in our future generations, in new technologies, product development as well as researching and developing innovative solutions for the plastics manufacturing industry.

The key is to act, today.

Robotic advantage

Our manufacturing plants have embraced new technologies to increase efficiencies on site. With the introduction of robotic equipment, very early on in our manufacturing sites, our business has increased productivity, efficiency, product quality, as well as becoming more sustainable through the reduction of waste and the amount of energy used.

All, working towards a sustainable future.


Furthermore, SDI Plastics are working in partnership with Queensland Universities, to create an eco-friendly environment and researching the future of sustainable plastics.  Our mission is to invest in research and to produce biodegradable plastics in a new future and sustainable plastics economy.

The environment

From the outset, SDI plastics has deployed a continuous commitment to holistic sustainability and responsible manufacturing business practices. Our business understands the economic, social and environmental impact plastic based products have on our society and adopt robust, sustainable solutions and systems onsite at our manufacturing plants.

The circular economy approach

Energy conservation, natural resources and recycling are essential components for sustainable manufacturing. In addition a key area of focus is moving away from a linear economy and towards a circular economy for plastics. The implementation of the “circular economy” is a model where all plastic packaging is 100 per cent ‘reused, recycled, or composted’, whilst the linear economy is ‘take, make, dispose’, which is how many organisations operate with a lot of materials and resources.

SDI Plastics adopt the circular economy approach, working with our team and our clients to eliminate waste, be energy efficient, promote reusable packaging and plastic recycling and building a smart office, to focus on community and society wide benefits whilst also actively preserving the environment.  

Recycling best practice

The plastic injection moulding process forms a waste material called ‘runners’. Runners are the pieces of plastic that are left over after the process is finished. SDI Plastics re-granulate all of our waste material, including the runners. Our team then re-use this material.

Plastic is durable, flexible and economical to recycle for use in injection moulding and other industrial processes. As well as reducing reliance on landfill, by saving space, recycling plastic also reduces the amount of raw materials needed. This in turn reduces ground pollution and greenhouse gas emissions stemming from the production of new plastic, oil conservation and lastly dramatically reducing our carbon footprint.

At SDI Plastics, our business continuously strives to create a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy.

For our partners

For our partners

Supplier management

SDI Plastics have taken the time to work with quality suppliers that give the best value, quality of goods and services throughout the manufacturing process. Ensuring our leadership team maximises value throughout the supply chain, all systems are in place for our team to plan well in advance during the customer ordering process. 

Our team of industrial designers, engineers and warehouse management team work closely together and in tight collaboration with our suppliers. This is to ensure goods and services are delivered giving the best value and on time to meet our demanding production cycles. SDI Plastics source high grade quality tools and materials from our partners and suppliers to ensure they are delivered in a timely manner for the production of high quality products. These are delivered to our clients and to market as efficiently and economically as possible.

Sustainable partnerships

SDI Plastics have established innovative sustainable partnerships with our clients and key research institutes. There are many examples of developing sustainable partnerships with our clients, partnering with them to ensure our business maximises the re-use and recycling of our material and packaging of products, as and when required.

SDI Plastics are also heavily involved in the field of research, our partnerships give us the flexibility and creativity to develop plastic products of the future, enabling faster production cycles and sustainable plastics. R&D partnerships include working with QUT, UQ, CSIRO and Voestalpine. Our ultimate objective is to build a more sustainable economy and future for the manufacturing industry.

For our team

For our team

Social responsibility

Being an advocate for corporate social responsibility, SDI Plastics invest in both social and environmental initiatives. With a strong commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, promoting philanthropy, whilst having a strong focus to contribute to the welfare of the community, our society and our environment.

Empowering our team to leverage the corporate resources at their disposal to do good. Ensuring that our team are always environmentally conscious, SDI Plastics adopt best practice methodologies whilst onsite at our manufacturing plant, deploying eco-friendly initiatives, energy conservation and continuously re-using and recycling plastics and packaging materials throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

People and culture

SDI Plastics have an exceptional team, who work with a ‘one team’ ethos and with our motto being ‘only the best is good enough!’  Our manufacturing plant has a diverse workforce, creating a family like environment for our employees, with our unique culture being an important part of our every day. Our leadership team work hard to create a positive and supportive environment for our employees, promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle, including work-life balance for everyone.

SDI Plastics ensure that our employees are empowered to make the right decisions for our clients, fostering great working relationships with colleagues and our clients alike. Our employees well-being is super important to us. SDI Plastics ensure employees come first to foster a great working environment, and implement strategies that focus on enabling our people to create an engaging and high performing work culture. All focussed on delivering exceptional results, quality products and ultimately a great service to our clients.

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