The Importance Of CAD File In Manufacturing


The Importance Of CAD File In Manufacturing

CAD (computer-aided design) models have revolutionised the product design and manufacturing industries. When manufacturing first began, the design process was very different from today’s simplified and efficient process. All of the sketches were done by hand at first. Later, they were manufactured by engineering design services using specialised tools, precision was crucial, but maintaining high levels of quality was difficult because everything was done by hand. As a result, these engineers were very skilled and performed admirably under the conditions. However, the introduction of computer-aided design (CAD) was a game-changer.

Discovery and research into product design

Today’s production processes rely heavily on 3D computer-aided design (CAD) files. On the surface, the concept is sound: an engineering team will design a part and then provide the appropriate 3D CAD file to the manufacturer to manufacture the part. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has firmly established itself as the backbone of practically all design data produced for manufacturing across all industries. Whether you’re making a pen or an aeroplane engine, the trip of your product’s lifetime will almost certainly begin on a computer screen.

When CAD first found its way into production, it simply replaced the hand drawings that had previously been used and allowed for creating new 2D designs with high precision. 

This was beneficial to everyone, including CAD services, engineers, and shop floor workers, not just firm owners and executives. Better drawings to work from resulted in better parts, which is still the case today. It didn’t take long for CAD to become widely used in the innovative design products industry. At first, only large corporations could afford it, but as interest in CAD grew, more affordable programs became available that smaller businesses could purchase and use.

CAD files are simple to import into programming software, making the programming process faster. However, programming the machines without a CAD file may be practically impossible if the part is particularly intricate. CAD file can also be a valuable tool for the programmer to compare the CAD model to the manufacturing drawing when creating machine programs. Therefore, it is critical to have CAD files available for your manufacturer to reap these benefits. Although CAD was created for design, it is a fantastic tool for manufacturing.

We always request manufacturing print details in product design and manufacturing at SDI Plastics. It usually contains all the information necessary to estimate the cost based on the material type, thickness, finish, and any other unique criteria mentioned in the drawing. On rare occasions, the CAD model will be required to understand the part and any complicated characteristics that are difficult to read on the print. If you are not familiar with the process, our technical team will provide in-depth guidance and recommendations on the above mentioned criteria.

Creating a design document

It’s natural for most products to go through several versions before settling on a final design. Because CAD automatically creates a digital record of each performance, iterating is a lot easier. In this manner, you can not only reverse the procedure to a previous iteration if you’re unhappy with the direction the project is taking, but you can also use it as a foundation for future designs, such as if you’re planning to produce a number of products.

Our engineers can assist our customers in bringing more realistic and innovative design products to life, envisioning concepts, and testing how the design will operate when finished, thanks to the advancement of 3D modelling through computer-aided design and drafting (CAD). Nevertheless, these are only a few of the most common benefits of CAD; who knows, you might be able to get even more specialised advantages for your company! 

We’re also pleased to assist you if you have any additional questions about how to get a product designed and manufactured or require specific advice on your case. With years of expertise, you can trust our specialists at SDI Plastics, who have a deep knowledge in their craft for plastic injection moulding. In addition, our company specialises in the production of high-volume, high-quality plastic components and products for various industries. With innovation at the heart of everything we do, our experienced and knowledgeable team at SDI Plastics will work closely with you to build a tailored product solution for your specific needs. 

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